Digital Learning Days

Dear Kindergarten Family,

As you may know, January 29th (Tuesday) is a digital learning day! 

School will be closed, but learning will continue. Please pick 4 activities from the chart below!

Connect Four

The Connect Four format allows each child to choose four connecting activities to complete on a snow day. For every missed day, please complete 4 activities. Activities are due 2 weeks after we return to school!



Write your sight words in the snow.


Snowball Fun


Complete the worksheet on addition story problems.


Pick a book to read. Then tell a family member about what happened in the beginning, middle and end. Make sure to speak about your favorite part of the story! Why did you like it?

Post a Selfie for a Snow Day!

Take a picture of

you on your snow day and email to your teacher. Also, write one sentence about your picture.


A Bunch of Snow!

Print and complete the worksheet on how to make a snowman.





Draw the 5 different 2-D shapes in the snow. Then either draw it on a separate piece of paper or take pictures of your snow shapes!


Hooray for Snow!


Print and complete the worksheet on winter weather. Read the story on snowflakes. Then answer the questions on snowflakes.

Is it a Solid, Liquid or Gas: Put some snow in a plastic bag. Then, predict what will happen when you bring the snow in plastic bag inside. Was your prediction correct?


Think of some words that rhyme with red. Then, pick three of those words and write sentences using them.





One snowy day some kindergartners built 3 snowmen on the playground. Their teacher gave them big buttons for the snowmen's eyes and their noses. How many buttons did the kindergartners get from their teacher?

Draw a picture to figure it out!

Complete this science experiment: How long does it take for an ice cube to melt? 5 mins, 10 mins, or 15 mins?

Use the PHEOC (Problem/Question, Hypothesis, Experiment/Investigate, Observation, and Conclusion) process to answer the question.

Kathy likes to stay warm while she plays outside in the snow. She can wear gloves or mittens. She can also wear a hat, a scarf or earmuffs. How many ways can Kathy keep warm while she plays in the snow? Draw a picture and write a sentence.

The best thing to do in the snow is…. (Complete the sentence and draw a picture!)

Describe snow using your five senses. (Smell, Taste, Hear, Touch and Sight)

Write 2 sentences.

Listen to “The Snowy Day”:

Answer the following questions: 1. Who is the main character of the story? 2. What does Peter do before he goes outside? 3. Why is Peter happy at the end of the story?

Snow Show


Complete the worksheet on snowflakes


If we are not back in school on Wednesday, you can pick 4 more activities. All work will be due 2 weeks after the inclement weather days. 

 Remember, New Life Academy follows Gwinnett County School Policy. If Gwinnett County has closed schools, we are closed as well! You can check for school cancelation here: