Digital Learning Days 1-3
Due to inclement weather, students will participate in digital learning day (s). Students will be required to work in their homework packets and access the following websites to reinforce the "What Are We Learning" concepts:

Social Studies Assignment 1 -January 8, 2018
Read the story, Ruby Bridges Goes to School. 

Learn: We are learning about a brave little girl named Ruby Bridges.

Compare:Describe 2 or 3 ways that Ruby Bridges first grade classroom is the same as your first grade classroom.  

Contrast:Describe 2 or 3 ways that Ruby Bridges first grade classroom is different from your first grade classroom.

Extend: Unlike the other hoistorical figures we've studied this year, Ruby is still alive and able to share her own story. If you were given an opportunity to interview her, what questions would you ask?

Art Specials Assignment 2 -January 17,2018
Students are to complete this Imagination Workout by using their art knowledge and creativity to turn the lines in each box into something else. For example, the first box in the top row could be a slice of watermelon, a big smile, or an upside down rainbow. (Attachment sent via email)


Digital Day#3-January 18,2018
Brainpop Jr.

Complete the following:
Video & Quiz #1- Math Adding and Subtracting Tens
Video & Quiz #2-Social Studies/ Martin Luther King Jr.
Video & Quiz #3-Science/ Magnets
**Students will record their answers and submit it on Friday.

Spelling City
**Students will complete the activities online.

Physical Education Specials Assignment (Attachment via email)