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Digital Learning Days

Hello parents! I will email an art assignment to your students’ teacher each week on Monday. I realize that not everyone will have art materials at home and that is alright! Please just use whatever you have. I will be checking my email throughout the school days until 3:30 pm, so please feel free to email me with any questions: Assignments are to be turned in the week we return to school, on whatever day your student has art class. They can also be dropped off in my box at school.

Being at home is the PERFECT time for your students to practice their artwork! The Art For Kids Hub on Youtube is a great channel to help students learn how to draw some of their favorite things and characters. There are SO many to choose from! These drawing videos engage children with something they love to draw while giving them confidence in drawing it. I have seen students enjoy these drawing videos from as young as Kindergarten to as old as middle school! Students can also practice digitally painting and drawing with ABCya. Both links are listed below:

-Miss Connor

Week 1: Logo Design: A logo is a symbol that represents something, such as a product or company. It is usually simple, yet unique. Some examples include the Nike swoosh, Mcdonald’s arches, and the Disney castle. Fun fact: The Nike logo was created in the 1970’s by a college student for just $35! Now, Nike makes billions of dollars!!

Design a logo for yourself! You could use your initials, or include something you love. Your logo must represent/symbolize your personal interests. Begin by sketching out ideas. Remember, when we sketch, we are brainstorming what we want the final art to be. Next, complete a final piece with color (if you have colors available). You should use no more than 3 colors (Remember, keep it simple!). 

Answer the following questions in complete sentences on the back of your art: 

1.Was it challenging to come up with your own logo? Why or why not? 

2.What does your logo tell others about you?

Here is an example of a logo I created for myself. Since I love art, I made it a paint pallet and paint brush. My last name begins with "C," so I made the pallet into the shape of a "C."




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