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This month:

Literacy: Unit 5/Unit 6; Reading Comprehension
Math: Shapes

Science: Weather
Social Studies: Theodore Roosevelt

Writing: Persuasive Writing/Grammar

Spelling Words: 

Unit 5:
Week 4: color, early, instead, nothing, oh, thought, scrambled, suddenly, mouse, mouth, cloud, out
Bonus: distract, nervous, squeaky, volume, senses
Week 5: above, build, fall, knew, money, toward, balance, section, enjoy, toy, voice, coin
Bonus: contented, intend, marvelous, structure, project
Unit 6:
Week 1: answer, brought, busy, door, enough, eyes, demand, emergency, spoon, truth, fruit, chew
Bonus: argument, conflict, fair, risk, shift
Week 2: brother, father, friend, love, mother, picture, accept, often, awful, cause, fault, paw
Bonus: decision, distance, inspire, respect, swiftly

Upcoming Events:

March 5-7 Book Fair

March 7th 5:30 Literacy Night

March 9 and 23 School Make up days

March 16th Spring Pictures

March 16th Progress Reports go home

Thanks for all the help and work you do to make this year successful.