Digital Learning Day
Due to inclement weather, students will participate in a digital learning day(s). Access the following websites to reinforce the "What Are We Learning" concepts:
January 17th, 2018
Math Assignment:
Brainpop Username: dscs Password: dscs
Complete the activity under the video labeled activity, next to the pair of scissors.
(Which is the shorter path to the castle?) 

Art Assignment:

Complete homework packets that are due tomorrow.

Review spelling words to prepare for Spelling Test on Friday.

Additional Resources:
Spelling City:

January 18th, 2018

Brainpop Jr.

Complete the following:
Video & Quiz #1(Easy Quiz) - Math Adding and Subtracting Tens
Video & Quiz #2 (Easy Quiz)- Social Studies/ Martin Luther King Jr.
Video & Quiz #3 (Easy Quiz)- Science/ Magnets
**Students will record their answers and submit it on Friday. 
Spelling City
**Students will complete the activities online.

Physical Education Specials Assignment
PE Digital Learning Assignment.pdf

Make sure homework packets are completed.