Math & Social Studies

Welcome mathematicians and historians!

Here you will find out what we will be learning for the week in math and social studies!


Week of October 23rd - October 27th 

On Monday, students will take the Chapter 5 Multiply with 2-Digit Numbers Cumulative Test. To review and practice, students should go on ConnectEd and Chapter 5 Multiply with 2-Digit Numbers Blendspace
. On Tuesday, we will begin our lesson on Chapter 6 Divide by 1-Digit Numbers. Students will use basic facts and patterns to divide mentally. They will estimate quotients using compatible numbers, basic facts, and place value. They will also use place value and models to explore division, and solve problems using base ten models. Students can go on the Chapter 6 Divide by 1-Digit Number Blendspace to preview. 

Chapter 6 Vocabulary Words
compatible numbers - numbers in a problem that are easy to work with mentally
partial quotients - dividing method in which the dividend is separated into sections that are easy to divide
remainder - number that is left after one whole number is divided by another


Social Studies 
Week of October 23rd - October 27th 

On Monday, students will learn about the New England colonies' economic industries, interactions with Native Americans, Middle Passage, triangular trade route, and learn the life of settlers in the Middle or Mid-Atlantic colonies. Students should go on the 13 Colonies Blendspace to preview and review information. 

13 Colonies Study Guide

13 Colonies Vocabulary Words
diversity - range of differences
immigrant - a person who comes into a country to make a new home
Great Awakening - a movement that called for a rebirth of religious ways of life in the Middle Colonies
religious toleration - acceptance of religious differences 
militia - a voluntary army
prosperity - economic success
artisan - craft worker, learned a trade
apprentice - a person who learns a trade by living with the family of a skilled worker and training for several years
free-market - economic system where people are free to choose the goods and services they buy and make
industry - all the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service
specialization - special line of work you have adopted as your job
productivity - quality of being productive or having the power to produce
scarcity - not enough; hard to find
standard of living - level of material comfort in terms of goods and services available to someone
indentured servants - a person who agreed to work for another person without pay for a certain length of time in exchange for passage to N. America 
democracy - government in which the power is held by the people
colony - settlement far away from the country that rules it
geography - study of the earth
export - a product that leaves the country
import - a product brought into a country
triangular trade route - a shipping route that linked England, the English colonies in N. America, and the west coast of Africa, forming an imaginary triangle in the Atlantic Ocean
middle passage - the middle leg of the colonial trade route in which captive Africans were shipped to the West Indies
refuge - a safe place
proprietor - an owner
charter - an official paper in which certain rights are given by a government to a person, group, or business
dissent - disagreement
expel - to force to leave
debtor - a person who owes money
interdependence - groups of people who rely on each other
resource - source of aid or support that may 
economy - way a country's people use natural resources, money, and knowledge to produce goods and services