Math & Science


Week of December 11th - December 15th 

On Tuesday, students will take the Midyear Math District Assessment. Students will compare and order fractions with like and unlike denominators, use logical reasoning to solve problems, write mixed numbers, and convert mixed numbers to improper fractions. 

Chapter 8 Vocabulary Words
factor pairs 
- two factors that are multiplied to find a product
multiples - number that can be divided by another number without a remainder
prime number - whole number with exactly two factors (1 and itself)
composite number - whole number with more than two factors
numerator - top number in a fraction. It tells how many of the equal parts are being used
denominator - bottom number in a fraction. It tells the total number of equal parts
equivalent fractions - fractions that have the same value
simplest form - fraction in which the numerator and the denominator have no common factor greater than 1
greatest common factor (GCF) - greatest of the common factors of each of two or more numbers
least common multiple (LCM) - least multiple greater than 0 that is a common multiple of each of two or more numbers
benchmark fractions - common fractions that are used for estimation 
mixed number - number that has a whole number part and a fraction part
improper fraction - fraction with a numerator that is greater than or equal to the denominator


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