Digital Learning Days

Dear Kindergarten Family,

As you may know, there is a slight chance that inclement weather may effect Georgia next week!

Just In Case of Bad Weather . . . . 

In the event of school cancellation, New Life Academy will be having a digital day. Please use the following activities to help keep your child engaged and learning, even in the worst of weather.

 PLEASE DO NOT complete the work UNLESS school has been cancelled. All work will be due 2 weeks after the inclement weather days.

 Remember, New Life Academy follows Gwinnett County School Policy. If Gwinnett County has closed schools, we are closed as well! You can check for school cancelation here:



1.    Listen to “Bugs Galore”

Write or draw  your favorite part of the story and  (write the answers on a separate piece of paper)

2. Watch:

-Think and write down at least five ‘P’ words and ‘T’ words:  (write the answers on a separate piece of paper)
-Accelerated bonus: Can you think of words that have P or T at the end? (Example: jet (T at the end)

3. Watch the am word family video:

After watching the video, please rainbow write 5 "am" words!(write the answers on a separate piece of paper)




1.       Draw objects to match the numbers 0-8! (write the answers on a separate piece of paper)

2.       Practice writing the numbers words 0-8!(write the answers on a separate piece of paper)

3.       Extra: If your child knows what a ten frame is, please have them show what six, seven and eight would like in a ten frame.



1.        Watch:

2.       Cut out three solids, liquids and gases, glue them to a piece of paper, and label them.

3.       Extra: See if you can find examples of the three states of matter in your house. Have fun! Write or draw your answers.


Social Studies:

1.        Watch:

2.       What community helpers can help us in a hurricane? Draw a picture and on a separate piece of paper and write 1 sentence!


Chinese: Please visit Ms. Lin's Site:

Please stay safe and dry! 


Ms. Siak