Digital Learning Days
Dear Kindergarten Family,

As you may already know, New Life Academy will NOT have school on January 18 (Thursday) due to the continuing icy conditions on the roadways.

Since this makes the week REALLY short, the Kindergarten Team has decided to put together a VIRTUAL day for Thursday so that your child can have a full day of learning!

You will have until next Friday, (January 26) to complete these activities.


1.    Listen to “Snowmen All Season”

Now, write about your favorite part of the story and “If you had a snowman, what would you have it do….”

2. Watch:


Think and write down at least five ‘L’ words. 

Accelerated bonus: Can you think of words that have L in the middle or end?

Example: "Follow" (L in the middle) and Shell (L at the end)

Afterward, write three sentences using the L words.

3. Watch the ED word family video:

After watching the video, please rainbow write 5 "ed" words!


  1. Shapes review: Hunting for Shapes around your house. Look for household objects that are shaped like a circle, rectangle, triangle, square, hexagon and diamond. Draw them and label them.

  2. Patterns: Watch these 2 songs about patterns         Now, create and draw the three different types of patterns!


Watch this video about landforms with your children: You will have to read the captions!

Then choose an activity:

1. Make the landforms of a mountain, hill, valley, plateau, canyon, river, and island out of playdough. Take a picture before you squish it flat again! (You do NOT need to bring a playdough model to school)


2.  On a piece of paper, draw the landforms of a mountain, hill, valley, plateau, island, river and canyon and label them!


Social Studies:

Watch the Brainpop Jr. video on Martin Luther King Jr.:
After the video, take the easy quiz!

Thank you for helping us keep your child engaged in learning!
Please stay safe, warm and dry!
The Kindergarten Team


Remember, New Life Academy of Excellence follows Gwinnett County holidays and closings. 

You can always check the Gwinnett County Website for the most updated school information: