Mrs. Frendahl's Class

Digital Learning Day 


If you do not have access to a printer, assignments may be turned in handwritten on notebook paper.




Complete Worksheet: 8 subtraction problems with regrouping

Think about: What is regrouping? How do I regroup?



Read the 4 stories and identify the moral of each story. Match each story to the correct moral.

Read for 20 min.

Complete:  Mentor sentence Page – Prepositions

Remember that prepositions are words that tell time and position and connect to nouns. Examples: in, on, from, to, during, with, of, over



Review by watching:

Complete the peace simile poem. Remember that similes help you compare two things using like or as. Be creative!



Study for the science test.

Refute Riley: Explain why the following statements are wrong. You can print out the paper provided or use notebook paper.

1) Our sun has to be the biggest star! All the other stars I see are so tiny.

2) The sun is so bright! It must be the brightest star. All the other stars are hard to see.

*Optional* EXTRA PRACTICE: The following is a Jeopardy game created by Ms. Terry for additional practice:

Mrs. Frendahl

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A Little Bit About Me...

This will be my fourth year at New Life Academy, and I'm very excited to be a New Life Academy teacher. Overall, this will be my seventh year teaching and my sixth in the best grade ever: SECOND GRADE!! I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Child Studies from Vanderbilt University. I went back to school to earn my ESOL Endorsement and a Masters in Reading Education at UGA years ago, and eventually decided to add a gifted endorsement. I am excited to be teaching your students at the highest level possible! I love teaching and have a particular passion for science! When I'm not teaching I'm usually spending time with my wonderful husband, petting our 3 dogs, traveling, or cooking.