Ms. Connor's Art Class

Digital Learning Days

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Hello wonderful artists! I will miss you while we are out of school but I have GREAT news! Being at home for so long is the PERFECT time to practice your artwork! I will post an assignment here for each week, but that doesn’t have to be the only art you do! Please draw lots of beautiful pictures to show me when we get back!

Parents, the Art For Kids Hub on YouTube is a great channel to help students learn how to draw some of their favorite things and characters. There are SO many to choose from! These drawing videos engage children with something they love to draw while giving them confidence in drawing it. I have seen students enjoy these drawing videos from as young as Kindergarten to as old as middle school!

                                                           Week 1 Assignments:

K-2nd grade: Let’s create a monochromatic self-portrait!  A self-portrait is a drawing of yourself. Monochromatic is a big word that means one color. First, draw a picture of your lovely face. Remember, you can start drawing by using simple shapes. For example, what shape is your head? What shape is your neck?  What about your eyes? Since you are at home, you can even look in the mirror for extra help! 

When you are done drawing, use whatever coloring or painting supplies you have to color (crayons, colored-pencils, highlighters, sharpies, markers). If you just have crayons or colored pencils, you can press lighter or harder to make different shades of the same color. Remember, since it is monochromatic, you can only use ONE color! If you don’t have any colors, you can just use pencil. In my example, I used all of the pink drawing materials I could find:

3rd-4th grade: Time at home is a great opportunity to think about things you are thankful for! Complete the “Gallery of Gratitude” sheet (PDF available here):

The PDF link is listed at the end of the first paragraph. If you do not have access to a printer, that is alright! Create a picture “gallery” of your own by drawing different boxes to be the frames. Fill each box with a drawing of each of the following:

Draw something that makes you happy Draw someone who helps you Draw a happy memory Draw your favorite place Draw your favorite food Draw something you like to do outside Draw your family Draw your friends Draw something that grows Draw yourself Draw something that makes you smile Draw your favorite animal

If you have colors, be sure to color gallery! 

5-8th grade: Logo Design: A logo is a symbol that represents something, such as a product or company. It is usually simple, yet unique. Some examples include the Nike swoosh, Mcdonald’s arches, and the Disney castle. Fun fact: The Nike logo was created in the 1970’s by a college student for just $35! Now, Nike makes billions of dollars!! Design a logo for yourself! You could use your initials, or include something you love. Your logo must represent/symbolize your personal interests. Begin by sketching out ideas. Remember, when we sketch, we are brainstorming what we want the final art to be. Next, complete a final piece with color (if you have colors available). You should use no more than 3 colors (Remember, keep it simple!).  Answer the following questions in complete sentences on the back of your art: 1.Was it challenging to come up with your own logo? Why or why not? 2.What does your logo tell others about you? Here is an example of a logo I created for myself. Since I love art, I made it a paint pallet and paint brush. My last name begins with "C," so I made the pallet into the shape of a "C."