Ms. Ha's Class

Ms. Ha


My name is Ms. Ha, and I am the special education teacher at New Life Academy of Excellence. I am excited that I will be spending another year with wonderful students ranging from K-8th grade :)


I graduated from GSU with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education with concentration in PreK-5th and PreK-12th Special Education, General Curriculum.
I became interested in teaching when I volunteered and worked at a non-profit organization that served people with a variety of disabilities.


I believe that parent-teacher communication and parent-student team work is very important and valuable in order to help support these students. Please feel free to contact me through my school email.

Purpose of this Website:

Parents and Students, please feel free to explore my page! Because technology is so prevalent in today's world, I wanted to create a page where my students could practice improving their needed skills in a fun and enjoyable way. If there are any other resources you would like for me to add, please let me know, and I will gladly update it.

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